Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the building?
The building is owned by the Dresden Community Healthcare Foundation.

How will the building be sustained financially?
The building is leased by the Chatham Kent Family Health Team.  The CKFHT will pay a monthly rent to the foundation, based on the number of Physicians that occupy the building.  This rental payment will be used to pay the monthly operating expenses such as utilities, maintenance, taxes and mortgage payments.

Who will operate the building?
The foundation will be responsible to maintain the building, providing services including cleaning, snow removal and upkeep.  The CKFHT will be responsible for all medical activities inside the building.

What is a family health team?
Family health teams were established by the Ontario Government as a way to improve the delivery of primary health to Ontarians.  Doctors join a family health team and commit to working a specified number of office hours.  They also assist in after-hours clinics. Physicians are supported by allied health professionals such as Dietitians, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and administrative staff.  Education programs are offered as needed.

I don’t have a Doctor, can you help me get one?
The foundation cannot guarantee that you will have a Physician in the near future.  There is a procedure that all must follow in order to be given access to Physicians who are accepting patients.  Our hope is that new Physicians in Dresden will accept patients from Dresden.